Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sorting out some old figures

Found a pile of old figures in a box, I will have to sort them properly.
I reckon there is enough here to make up a Dragon Rampant warband or two.
(or at least a start in some cases)

 Citadel - two-part Chaos Knights. c1989
 Citadel - two-part "Empire" Knights c1989
 Marauder Miniatures - Reiksguard Knight and Chaos Knight (can't find him on any catalogue sites though). c1989
 Citadel - Skeletons c1990
 Grenadier - Skeleton Bolt Throwers
 Grenadier - Skeletons
 Grenadier - Ghouls
 Citadel pre-slotta  - Orcs, a Goblin, and a Pirate.
Randoms - two Ral Partha (top right) and a bunch of unknowns...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bognor Game - SS vs US Airborne

First game of Bolt Action at the Bognor Club. A kinda AAR because I didn't have the camera out all through the game.
Photos are a little dark, due to the lighting in the hall not being the best for taking pictures.

SS vs US Airborne, the Americans held a small village and ordered to hold control of the Crossroads and T junction. The Germans attempt to push them out.

2 squads of SS and a Panzerschreck came in from the far side of the table, while a Mortar, HMG and one squad with attached Untersturmführer came in from the near side.

The Americans opted to hold the three most central buildings in the village. With three squads, a Mortar,  MMG,  Medic, and Bazooka team.

The HMG and spotter set up in a building overlooking the main road through the village, while the mortar deployed in the courtyard.
The HMG put up a decent show throwing some pins out at a squad of Airborne in the grey/brown building and drawing some fire from the US MMG in return.
The Mortar managed to miss every shot in the game despite accuracy increasing every round of fire.

The Lone SS squad, after moving through the cover of some fields, attempt to remove the American mortar from the fight.
Gaining a pin and losing one man to rifle fire, from an ambushing Airborne squad, in the attempt.

More Germans move up under the cover of empty buildings. Towards the T junction.

They take heavy losses on one unit and a second moves in to fill the gap, while the Panzerschreck (out of shot) gives covering fire into 'La Maison Verte'.

After pushing the Mortar back into the building, the lone SS squad moves up to assault, away from the Airborne MMG's field of fire.

After two turns both the Mortar and MMG have been assaulted and destroyed by overwhelming numbers.
A second squad of SS link up and prepare to move into the adjoining building.

At this point we wrapped the game up, as it was time to go home. It was agreed a German win, as the Airborne were cut off from the junctions, and had taken losses at both ends of the village.
Losing a MMG, Mortar, the squad holding the Grey/brown building had lost a man or two to machine gun fire, and the unit holding 'La Maison Verte' had been hit hard by the Panzerschreck. While the Germans had lost one HMG crew member, the loader for the PZSchreck and around 8 men across the squads.

A good game overall even if there was some confusion caused by a new ruleset. Nice to see the figures I'd painted for another member get an outing.
The buildings My Dad from Bognor Models built for Barry, helped make the game more interesting I think. FIBUA is always more fun than slogging it out over a field.  :D

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Even more commission SS

Some figures painted for a member of the Bognor club. I think I've got some weapons teams next, then I'm onto US Airborne, Brits, US Marines, and Japanese. Gets me some pocket money, though My own figures aren't getting much of a look in.

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Comission SS

Painted up for a guy at my club, to a bit of a time limit.

I fixed the few errors visible in these pics, but had to leave before I had a chance to take a few more photos. He must think they're alright though, because I got another 11 to do today.  :D