Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tudor Tubthumper

A drummer conversion for my Bill regiment.


Perry ACW drummer arm cut off at the shoulder, and puffy sleeve top added.
ACW drum and a cut, pinned, and repositioned bow arm.
A little bit of greenstuff for the elbow, and a new thumb.
The strap is made from two panel pins, a couple of loops of brass wire, and some green card stiffened with CA glue.

I have another arm and drum for my next 'Battle', so more Tudor tubthumpers to follow :D

Oh and I've removed comment moderation.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wars of the Roses

No updates the last two weeks, Christmas got in the way.

Got two boxes of Perry Wars of the Roses from Santa. :D

Here is the first box put together on my nice new glass shelf unit.

Some closeups:



The first conversion WIP, a drummer for my Men at Arms:

Using the drum and drumsticks arm from the Perry ACW boxed set.

I've split them into 3 units of 24, two of archers and one of bill.
I think I'll paint all three regiments in the same colours, then the next three can be a different lord, to give the regiments of each 'Battle' a sense of being shire or county levies.