Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sorting out some old figures

Found a pile of old figures in a box, I will have to sort them properly.
I reckon there is enough here to make up a Dragon Rampant warband or two.
(or at least a start in some cases)

 Citadel - two-part Chaos Knights. c1989
 Citadel - two-part "Empire" Knights c1989
 Marauder Miniatures - Reiksguard Knight and Chaos Knight (can't find him on any catalogue sites though). c1989
 Citadel - Skeletons c1990
 Grenadier - Skeleton Bolt Throwers
 Grenadier - Skeletons
 Grenadier - Ghouls
 Citadel pre-slotta  - Orcs, a Goblin, and a Pirate.
Randoms - two Ral Partha (top right) and a bunch of unknowns...